Neighborhood Idea Board

Idea Board

Great Ideas for the neigbhorhood on the Idea Board. Here’s what was written (and drawn):

  • Stop sign on California at Julia
  • Roundabout w/ pretty plants
  • Gardening in the “hellstrips” (those strips of land between the street & the sidewalk)
  • Something¬†at the Toler/King Liquor property (corner of Julia & Sacramento). Anything!! Please!
  • Beautification
  • Monthly neighborhood clean-up day w/ Trash Collection, Pruning, Planting
  • Help for sick neighbors (meals, gardening, … whatever)
  • Street Cleaning After Garbage Day – not before (also yes!)
  • Adopt-a-Storm Drain
  • More Trees (Yes! Free Street Tree Plantings thru the city. Yes!)
  • Bulb-outs at intersections (extended curbs at intersections, see McKinley at Addison, near downtown for an example)
  • More Block Parties!

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