Neighborhood Cleanup – This Saturday! (10/15)

Our Big Neighborhood Cleanup is on Saturday! We’ve got 20 committed college students and lots of lovely neighbors coming out to spruce up our blocks. Projects include:

Trash Pickup!  we’ll pickup, sweep, and rake out all the trash we can get our hands on
Weeding & Weed Whacking! we’ll hit every hellstrip we can with trimmers and good ol’ elbow grease.
Planting! we’ve got daffodil bulbs, and possibly even some perennials, to plant in those hellstrips to make a strong statement in the spring!
Plus, of course, the chance to hang out with your neighbors and get the latest gossip on the street. 😉
If you haven’t already signed up you can still come out an hour, come for the day, or just come out and say hi! Also, if you have tools to lend, let Tania know.
We’ll meet at 9:30 SATURDAY at the intersection of California & Julia. Lunch will be around 12:30 at the YMCA.
See you there!
– Sofia

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