November Meeting Followup

What lively and focused meeting we had last night! Thanks again to Sam, Tina, & Hawa for hosting (and making that great jambalaya!). Thanks also to Shallon & Charlene for providing their wisdom, guidance, and support to our group. It means a lot to us!

It was great to see so many neighbors show up and engage in a thoughtful and respectful conversation about our neighborhood, and about 2951 Sacramento Street in particular. In a few days we’ll email out the notes from the meeting, and details about our next steps. But until then, here’s a brief recap of our next steps and how you can get involved.

Next Meeting: Our next meeting will be in early December. Let me know if you want to be the next host! This will be a chance for us to reaffirm our commitment to this project and follow up with the points raised last night. It can also be a fun time for us to get together casually, and maybe have a pre-holiday potluck?

Next Steps for 2951 Sacramento Street:

1. Research & prepare for a meeting with the owners of 2951 Sacramento Street (working in committees, see below)

2. Meet with the owners of 2951 Sacramento St

3. Reconvene as a group to develop strategy

4. Meet again with the owners of 2951 Sacramento Street


Contact me (or any of the members listed below) directly if you’re interested in helping with any of these committees or have other ideas of how you can help.

Research (zoning, development constraints, etc.)
– Sam & Zach

Spokespeople (meeting with owners, etc)
– Carol & others to be identified

Administration & notes (meeting planning, coordination, website admin, email group,etc)
– Sofia & Sarah

Publicity (media contacts)
– Terence 

Community Liaison (coordination with other groups, merchants, neighbors, neighborhoods, etc)
– Tania, Sam, & Tina

History (research & compilation of existing information, family history, & also compiling crime stats)
– Stacy & Mary G. 

Street Trees: and, in other good news, you may have noticed that the City planted a bunch of trees on Julia Street today. If you didn’t get in on this planting, there will always be more. You can download a tree request here ( & submit it to the City. It can take a while for them to get to planting, especially if they need to remove concrete, but what a difference a few trees can make for a street!




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