Tentative 2012 Meeting Schedule

It’s almost here! It’s almost time to start a whole new year of everything. So, it’s also time to start scheduling a whole year of meeting goodness. So here’s the tentative schedule – with lots of wiggle room to accommodate all the things that can and will come up. 

January Wednesday, January 18th – evening
February Thursday, February 16th – evening
March Block Party! – date TBD
April Wednesday, April 18th – evening 
May Thursday, May 17th – evening
June Social Gathering – date TBD
July Wednesday, July 18th – evening
August Thursday, August 16th – evening
September Block Party! – date TBD
October Wednesday, October 17th – evening
November Thursday, November 15th – evening
December Social Gathering
In a nutshell it’s 3rd Wednesday – 3rd Thursday – Social Gathering – repeat.
Let me know if you can:
1. Host any of the evening meetings
2. Host a Social Gathering (particularly for the Block Parties, so other blocks get a chance to enjoy the fun of shutting down their block)

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