1526 Julia – Proposed Development

Hi Neighbors!
You may have noticed a bright yellow “Proposed Project” sign that went up this month in front of 1526 Julia Street. Here’s some information about what’s going on there and how your voice can be heard, whether you oppose or support the project (or both!). : )
ADDRESS: 1526 Julia Street
OWNER: REO Homes 2, LLC (210 3rd St #102, Oakland, CA)
DEVELOPER: Dogtown Development Company (http://www.dogtowndev.com)
PROJECT: New 1,750 SF Single Family Residence (behind existing single family home)
– Infill development
– Additional housing in a transit-friendly community
– Removal of approximately half a dozen mature trees
– Paving approximately 1600 square feet for 2nd driveway and 2 more parking spaces
– More off-street parking than required by zoning (4 proposed, 1 required, according to submitted plans)
– Loss of large backyard (a frequent selling point for homes in our neighborhood)
– Creates access issues for property to the east
– No property line survey conducted, although required
– No communication from developer (has not responded to repeated phone calls with questions from neighbors about proposed development)
– “Cookie cutter” design (identical developments are proposed on two other nearby lots owned by the same company – both on the 1500 block of Harmon)
Project is currently being reviewed by Mr. Sage. Review will be complete by February 16th, at which time it will either be returned to the developer for revisions or a Zoning Adjustments Board (ZAB) hearing will be scheduled. Comments can be received any time through the date of the hearing, but comments sent before the 16th are the most useful in helping shape this development in a positive manner.
Development can be great, but let’s make sure we’re getting the smart, thoughtful development our community deserves.

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