February Meeting (brief notes)

Hello Neighbors! 
Thanks to everyone who came out last week (or stayed home to babysit kids so someone else could come). This group wouldn’t exist without you! And a special shout out to the people who have helped out by distributing flyers, spreading the word, hosting meetings, and contributing ideas and organization: Tania, Terence, Sarah, Carole, Sam, Tina, Kim, Caitlin, Zach, & more!
We had a great meeting and covered a lot of topics. Here’s some brief notes about what we discussed. 
1. Last Meeting / 2951 Sacramento Street Update / News
– A committee of neighbors has been working hard on addressing 2951 Sacramento. If you’d like to join the group, let me know. Tania has developed a “Case Statement” that will be submitted to the City from our neighborhood group. The current draft is on our website under “Files”. 
– Welcome new businesses to South Berkeley: Alchemy Collective Coffee (http://www.alchemycollective.com/) and Biketopia (http://biketopiaworkshop.org/)
2. Sacramento Street Business District Update
– Jennifer Cogley from the City of Berkeley updated us on the work she’s doing with our local business district. She will be replacing the light-post banners, helping the district develop a website, improving exterior and street lighting, and planting tree wells. By our request she will also try to get more trash receptacles at Sacramento & Julia.
– The district branding so far has come up with two themes: “Green Shopping” (as in the BioFuel Oasis) and “Local Shopping” (as in the place where neighbors shop). 
– You can still take the survey at: http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/7SLTN36 
– Email or call her if you know a local artist / designer for the banner project (jcogley@cityofberkeley.info / 981-7532)
3. 1526 Julia Street
– There was lively discussion about the proposed development at 1526 Julia. Sam explained the difference between “by right” development & development requiring a use permit & public hearing. This requires a hearing. 
– In a last minute update – the City Planner emailed late last night to let us know that the application for 1526 Julia Street has been deemed “incomplete”. The developer has 60 days to “complete” the application, before the application is considered “withdrawn”. 
4. Next Block Party & Meeting
– It was agreed that in March we will have an outdoor movie night at Sam & Tina’s house. Another idea for a future month was a park play date. 
– We’ll have a block party in June, before school gets out. 
5. Trash on the streets / Berkeley Project in March / Neighborhood Cleanup days
– We discussed having regular cleanup days and/or “progressive” work days (where neighbors converge on a different house each month to help with yard work, small projects, etc.). Tania & Nanci will coordinate. 
– We will request Berkeley Project volunteers to do trash pickup and tree planting (6-8 trees have been requested for the 1500 block of Julia from the City). 



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