Citywide Emergency Drill

[from Khin Chin, Berkeley Fire Department]

Hi Berkeley CERT Community,

Thank you for your continued work on preparing yourselves and your community.

On May 19, Berkeley families, neighborhoods, and community groups will be practicing their preparedness plans and response skills in the Berkeley CERT Citywide Exercise. This year’s exercise focus is communication during an emergency.

CERT provides training to citizens for emergency preparedness, prevention and response. The Berkeley CERT Citywide Exercise is an opportunity for participants to practice disaster response in their own neighborhoods. All individuals or community groups are encouraged to participate regardless of their level of CERT training or previous participation in City disaster preparedness activities. The Participant Handbook provides details on how to participate and participants will find actions they can exercise to make themselves, their families, and the Berkeley community more ready to respond to emergency.

Visit the Berkeley CERT Citywide Exercise webpage for registration and information. Register today!
Web URL:

Thank you,

Khin Chin
CERT Program Manager
Berkeley Fire Department
Office of Emergency Services


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