Farmers Market

[From Elizabeth Delgado Garcia]


The Ecology Center (EC) currently manages the 3 Farmers Market throughout Berkeley (Downtown on Center, North Shattuck and Derby Street). We are currently looking to relocate the Derby Street market to Adeline and 63rd Street. Both the EC and the City are now trying to assess our community’s interest in starting a farmers’ market in the Adeline Street business district using the survey link below:

Answering these questions will help gather information and build a market that best serves the neighborhood. Please answer these questions ONLY if you live and/or work in Berkeley.

If you have any questions feel free to contact Ben Feldman (Ecology Center) at 510.548.3333 or Elizabeth Delgado Garcia at 510.981.7536

Thank you.

Elizabeth Delgado García

City of Berkeley – Office of Economic Development

2180 Milvia Street, Fifth Floor  Berkeley, CA 94704

Tel: 510-981-7536     Fax: 510-981-7099



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