August Meeting Summary

Hi, folks-

We had a great meeting tonight. For those who are interested, here’s a quick summary of what transpired:

– We had a round of introductions, chatted over snacks, and then heard updates on neighborhood news.

– We agreed to invite both candidates for the City Council seat in our district to our next meeting on October 10. Mark your calendars! Zach and Terence will be coordinating this.

– We agreed to hold another neighborhood party this fall, hopefully to coincide with the next volunteer day when Cal students help out in local neighborhoods as part of the Berkeley Project. We’re hoping to have a bounce house again for the kids, and maybe even a neighborhood-wide garage sale. Watch the list for details.

– We reaffirmed our priorities for the coming year. We aim to organize two social events in 2013 (like the block parties we’ve had in the past), to consider solutions for better traffic control at the intersection of California and Julia Streets, and to continue collaborating with all interested parties to see the boarded-up building at 2951 Sacramento Street put to good use. Everyone is invited to pitch in and help us reach these goals.

– We intend to hold quarterly meetings next year to make these things possible. Dates are yet to be determined. Please let us know if you’d like to host or facilitate one of our meetings. This is your group!

Thanks to everyone who attended tonight, and to all those who are helping to build community in our little corner of the world. I look forward to seeing you soon.

All the best,



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