Sacramento Street – banners, new businesses, etc.

Hey Neighbors! I’ve noticed a couple of interesting changes down on Sacramento Street.

The street banners finally have gone up all over South Berkeley, including Sacramento Street. I think they’re nice, not as generic as the last ones, and they are an interesting attempt at place-making. What do you all think?

It also looks like a new business opened up at 2973 Sacramento: MVMNT Studio ( This spot was most recently occupied by Just In Modern ( and previously was the location of the notorious B-Town Dollar Store that got shut down by the city in 2007 ( MVMNT opened in December as a dance and art space. Have any of you been there yet?

In older Sacramento Street news I saw that Alba Glass moved in to the old Post Office space several months ago. And after weeks of increasing graffiti on the derelict liquor store on the corner of Julia and Sacramento, Greg Toler had the graffiti painted over (yesterday, I think?).

Any other exciting things you’ve noticed?

Happy February!


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