CalJulia Meeting Tomorrow (Tuesday)

Hello Neighbors!

Our next neighborhood meeting is tomorrow! I hope you can make it – there will be time to visit with neighbors, talk with our councilmember, and get the ball rolling on improving our intersection (more info below). We didn’t get a chance to roll out flyers, so please! spread the word with your neighbors. (or just print out this email and share it with them!) 🙂

What: CalJulia Neighborhood Meeting
When: 6:30pmTuesday, February 26, 2013
Where: Tania & Jason’s house – 1508 Julia Street
Why: Councilmember Max Anderson will join us at 7pm to discuss the California/Julia intersection (more info below)

Neighbors will be meeting at 6:30 pm, and Councilmember Anderson will join us at 7pm. Bring some food or drink to share and spend some time catching up with neighbors!

Hope to see you there!

Intersection Background

Neighbors have identified the California/Julia Street intersection as a high priority for needing improvement. Councilmember Anderson reached out to our group last fall to offer his help in moving forward with improvements for the intersection. The vision includes traffic calming, pedestrian protection, and stormwater improvements. We’ve recapped neighbor concerns and ideas below:

Here’s a summary of the CONCERNS with the intersection configuration as it stands:

  • Pedestrian safety: pedestrians must step out beyond parked cars into an unprotected space before they are visible to oncoming traffic.
  • Traffic speeds & driver confusion: as one of the few intersections in the area without a stop sign some drivers take advantage of the opportunity to speed, while other drivers seem confused about whether or not to stop for Julia Street traffic (many do).
  • Stormwater pollution and flooding: the existing drain transports untreated run-off from impervious asphalt into the Bay. Additionally, drainage pipes that run east-west under California Street at this intersection are clogged and partially collapsed, causing frequent flooding of the intersection. There is also evidence that the pipe on the northwest corner is leaking, causing an intermittent geyser during storm events.

IDEAS that the neighbors are interested in pursuing include:

  • Crosswalk bulb-outs (similar to those nearby at the intersection of Prince and Ellis Street) would provide protection & visibility to pedestrians, as well as provide traffic calming.
  • Traffic circle (similar to those at several nearby intersections) would provide traffic calming.
  • Stop sign would provide traffic calming and pedestrian protection.
  • Stormwater daylighting (similar to what was done along Prince Street from MLK west) would improve stormwater flow, as well as provide traffic calming.
  • Stormwater green infrastructure – planted swales would provide a visual amenity as well as slow the flow of water during storm events and filter many of the contaminants.

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