February Meeting Summary

CalJulia Neighborhood Meeting; Tuesday, February 26, 2013
Attending from City of Berkeley:
Max Anderson, District 3 Councilmember
Charlene Washington, Legislative Aid, District 3
Khin Chin, Office of Emergency Services/Fire Department (kchin@cityofberkeley.info)
Location: 1508 Julia St (Tania & Jason’s house)

California/Julia Street Intersection
Due to illnesses and last minute scheduling, Max was unable to bring together the City staff members to discuss the intersection (he did, however, bring a Fire Department representative – see below). We were able to reiterate our concerns (see below) and request that he have staff draft specific proposals to address the neighborhood’s concerns.

Max is interested in holding a larger meeting with all the relevant city staff members to address a list of specific neighborhood concerns. It was suggested that at our next meeting the City Staff should have specific proposals to solve the problems and concerns that we are raising.

Disaster Preparedness
Max introduced Khin Chin from the Fire Department/Office of Emergency Services to talk about disaster preparedness. South Berkeley is currently under-represented in preparedness and Khin is working hard to try to support our area in getting prepared. He also passed out a flyer with tips on 5 things to do to prepare for an earthquake (link below).

Trainings (“CERT”)
The City offers 20 hour weekend intensives – more info at www.cityofberkeley.info/cert
If we get 2-5 folks as a neighborhood who want to take the class Khin can try to get us at the head of the line.
The next class is the weekend of May 3, 4, 5

Emergency Cache
The City provides emergency caches to neighborhoods that have 4-5 trained residents.
The emergency cache is a 6x6x6 rubbermaid shed. The City fills the first ⅓ with $3,000 worth of supplies.
We need 4-5 trained residents to be eligible.

April 27 Event
Saturday, April 27th will be the neighborhood earthquake preparedness exercise. It’s an opportunity to go through the motions as if the earthquake was happening. The fire department will be having a big event that day. Their goal is to have 2000 participants city-wide. They are trying to reach out to hard-to-reach individuals & populations. (more info: http://cityofberkeley.info/quake/)

Emergency Notification System
Folks can register phone numbers, particularly cellphones, to receive “reverse 911” calls from the City.  (more info: http://www.cityofberkeley.info/ContentDisplay.aspx?id=25416)

Khin noted that his department can also do smaller trainings, and train-the-trainer trainings.
Tania asked if it can be incorporated into a block party.
Khin is available to help however we would like him to.

Berkeley Emergency Preparedness:

Berkeley Office of Emergency Services

Five Critical Steps to take to Prepare for an Earthquake (PDF)

Emergency Notification System (reverse 911)

April 27th Citywide Exercise


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