April 16th Meeting – Thank you!

CalJulia Meeting April 2013
photo: Emilie Raguso / Berkeleyside.com

I want to give a hearty thank you to everyone who came out last night. We had a wonderful meeting, we covered a lot of ground, and I look forward to taking the next steps as a group. Before I give a (very) brief recap of the meeting, there are a few people who deserve a little extra gratitude:

MVMNT Studio & Seth Martinez – a HUGE thank you to Seth for rearranging their class schedule to accommodate our meeting!  Go check out their space, try a class, and keep your eyes peeled for their next offerings (rumor has it, kids classes will be coming this summer!). http://www.mvmnt.co
Tania, for keeping the meeting on track and in focus.
Tina, for arranging the chair delivery & flyering Ashby
Kim & Terence, for their print-shop assistance
Carole & Zach for the leading off a great discussion on Sacramento Street, including an excellent reminder of the work that has been done by our predecessors.
Sarah, for her totally thorough note-taking
Emilie, from Berkeleyside, for covering our meeting (did you see us on Facebook?)
City Staff (Christine Daniels, Danny Akasi, and Ahsan Kazmi) for sharing their insight into City processes.
Max Anderson & Charlene Washington, for helping organize this meeting
And, just like at the Academy Awards, I’m sure there are some folks that I’m leaving out. Chime in and let me know who it is!
Now, to the “meat” of the meeting. As I type, there are already tangible results in the works. Here’s what we covered, and where we’re headed:
1. Stormwater – at this very moment, there is a crew doing a thorough job vacuuming out the culverts and testing their flow. Hopefully this will translate into less flooding at the next meeting! That’s pretty impressive for a quick response. Still, “valley gutters” would be even easier to maintain!
2. Traffic/Pedestrian Safety – as suggested by the traffic engineer, we will initiate a neighborhood traffic calming request to formally get into the queue. We will also explore other funding options. Also, keep your eyes peeled for information about a separate, potential project at California & Ashby.
3. Sacramento Street Business District – There was a lot covered in this topic, and according to my notes the next step is actually another meeting to refine goals and desires.
Stay tuned for more information on what we discussed and where it’s headed. If you are not currently on the CalJulia email group, you live or work in the area, and you are interested in joining the email group, please let me know. That way you’ll be sure not to miss any of the excitement in the future! 🙂

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