Sacramento Street Business District Improvements Follow Up

Hi Neighbors!

Today, Tania and I (Sofia) had the pleasure of meeting with several staff members from the City to follow up on the Sacramento Street Business District improvements discussion that was started at our April meeting.

Our main takeaway is that there will be a community meeting in September to bring together all the Sacramento Street stakeholders (including neighbors!). This will be lead by Elizabeth Garcia, from the Economic Development office at the City. It will be an opportunity for all stakeholders to express their dreams for and frustrations with Sacramento Street, and from there for Elizabeth to gather the appropriate resources to address those dreams and frustrations.

A brief summary of today’s meeting is below.

May 31, 2013 – Meeting summary
Sofia Zander, resident
Tania Carlone, resident
Phillip Anderson, Sacramento Street merchant
Christine Daniel, City Manager (City of Berkeley)
Michael Caplan, Economic Development Manager (City of Berkeley)
Elizabeth Garcia, Community Development Project Coordinator (Econ. Dev. City of Berkeley)
Charlene Washington, on behalf of City Councilmember Max Anderson

Our big takeaway is that Elizabeth will convene a meeting in September to bring together all the Sacramento Street stakeholders. She will use the summer to do the groundwork, make connections (and reconnect) with the various stakeholders, including holding small meetings as necessary.

Stakeholders identified:
– Sacramento Street Merchants
– City of Berkeley
– Sacramento Street property owners
– nearby residents

Geographic Scope:
Alcatraz to Dwight will be covered for purposes of planning the meeting in September. One of the topics at the meeting will be to determine the appropriate geographic area (or sub-areas).

September meeting will be/will cover:
“Here we are”
Collaborative effort
Community building
Idea gathering
Crystallizing the vision
Finding that “nugget” of what it is the residents (and merchants, property owners, etc) want
Identify issues
Create focus groups
Kickoff an ongoing effort


CalJulia “Requests Document”: (see p. 4 for Sacramento Street)


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