About CalJulia

About The Groupaerial image of CalJulia neighborhood

The CalJulia Neighbors is an informal group of neighbors  wanting to get to know each other and plan neighborhood celebrations.

At our August 2012 meeting, neighbors reaffirmed priorities for the coming year. We aim to organize two social events in 2013 (like the block parties we’ve had in the past), to consider solutions for better traffic control at the intersection of California and Julia Streets, and to continue collaborating with all interested parties to see the boarded-up building at 2951 Sacramento Street put to good use. Everyone is invited to pitch in and help us reach these goals.

Join us at our next event! And if there’s something you want to see happen here, jump right in!

Neighborhood Area
Neighborhood Graphic
The group primarily covers area around the intersection of California and Julia Streets in South Berkeley. This includes, but is not limited to:

Julia Street from Sacramento to King
California Street from Ashby to Russell
and adjacent blocks (Ashby, Sacramento, King, etc)

How to Participate (& help!)
  • Say “Hi!” to a neighbor
  • Come to an event or meeting
  • Plan or host an event/meeting
  • Join the email group
  • Post events/neighborhood info to the email group
  • Help maintain this website
  • Take notes at a meeting
  • Join/start a committee
    • 2951 Sacramento working group
    • traffic & stormwater control at California & Julia
    • start your own!

About This Website

This website is an online resource for an informal group of neighbors living near the intersection of California and Julia Streets in Berkeley.

This webpage was put together and is currently maintained by Sofia Zander, but she’s always looking for folks to help! If you’d like to help maintain and/or update the website, email Sofia directly. It’s hosted on WordPress, so it’s very easy to add and change content.

Sofia can be reached by emailing: